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Christmas in Mexico

A Christmas vacation in Mexico includes the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is the protective mother who gives comfort and healing to those who ask for her guidance and support. In fact, nine days of prayers or novenas are held in her honor prior to the parade and mass on Dec 12th. Flower-lined trucks with statues of the Virgin mother along with marching bands and hundreds of pilgrims walk the parade route. Even more impressive are the  torch runners who leave their municipalities all over Yucatan to run on the Mérida to Progreso highway, plus on the roads around Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Izamal as well as other towns and villages that have churches. 

Indeed, a  celebration procession came down the streets of La Ermita past Santa Isabel and towards the Temple of San Sebastian. 

Book a stay at Casa Nicolee to celebrate this important part of Mexico’s culture in the historical Magical Community of La Ermita. 

Casa Nicolee offers a private, beautifully decorated studio with well appointed appliances for a home-like stay. It’s walking distance from ADO bus station in the historical community of La Ermita

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