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Casa Nicolee | Rentals in Merida Mexico | Merida Mexico


Discover Casa Nicolee, a charming Mexican villa and studio founded by Nicolee and Scott, two retired professionals with a passion for entertaining, yoga, travel, and photography. With their knowledge and experience, they come together to offer an exquisite experience for their guests.

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My Story

Welcome to Casa Nicolee, our Mexican Villa and Studio. We are a couple passionate about both art and travel, and we love to share our passion with our guests. Our villa is a place of comfort and relaxation, where we offer adventurous travelers from all over the world the chance to experience all that Mexico has to offer. With us, you’ll get the chance to explore the hidden gems of the area, while enjoying the beauty of a multicultural community. Whether you’re looking to rest, explore, or create, Casa Nicolee is the perfect place for you to do it.

Experience True Mexican Hospitality with Our Experts

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